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Meet Our Staff



Seth Runner

With GEC since: 2004

Hometown: Billings, MT

Education: Bachelor's in Sociology, Spanish Minor from MSU Billings. Master of Divinity from Bethel Seminary

Family: Wife, Virginia & their 5 children, Noah, Ava, Silas, Sarah, & Ivy. 

Enjoys: The lake, hanging with the family, skiing, & snow boarding |  Tel: 406-228-2755


Office Manager

Keirsten Wethern

With GEC since: 2022

Hometown: Glasgow, MT

Education: I prefer to call it experience.

Family: Fur Children Po (pooch) and Okena (kitty meow meow)


Enjoys: Life, sewing, adventuring with Po girl, board games, crafting, road trips, getting outside, unplugging from technology, growing in my relationship with God, meeting people & making new connections.  |  Tel: 406-228-2755


Youth Pastor

Andrew Holinde

With GEC since: 2021

Hometown: Great Bend, KS

Education: I am in the process of finishing my last three classes from Liberty University in Christian Ministries. 

Family: Wife, Andrea & their four children, Kyler, Hannah, Aubree, & Elijah.

Enjoys: The outdoors & everything that goes with being outdoors; hunting, fishing, & camping. I also enjoy seeing my children excel in their extracurricular activities.

Life is Good! God is Great! |  Tel: 406-228-2755

Children's Director

Caleb Olfert

With GEC since: 2021

Hometown: Lustre, MT

Education: Formal or informal?

Family:  Wife, Becca, & their three children, Micaiah, Azariah, & Zion.


Enjoys: My family, candy, digging holes with machines, adventures of most any kind...  |  Tel: 406-228-2755

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